Will the surface of the lifting sling generate static electricity


Why does the surface of the lifting belts generate static electricity?

1. The more synthetic fiber content in the fabric, the easier it is to generate static electricity

2. Moisture content of fibers In textile materials science, moisture regain is an indicator to indicate the moisture absorption capacity of fibers. Expressed as a percentage of the weight of the moisture content in the material to the weight of the dry material.

What are the antistatic modification methods of synthetic fiber slings?

Fabrics with strong hygroscopic properties have relatively strong antistatic properties.

1. Surface finishing and the use of antistatic agents

2. Red mixed composite spinning Synthetic fibers and other antistatic agents are co-spun into silk. The formed fiber itself has antistatic properties.

3. Copolymerization and graft branch copolymerization During the polymerization process, hydrophilic monomers are introduced into the polymerization system or polar groups are introduced into the fiber macromolecular chain, so that the fiber has an antistatic effect.

The above three methods all introduce hydrophilic molecules into the fibers to improve their antistatic properties by increasing their hygroscopicity. The antistatic effect is limited by whether it has strong hygroscopicity and whether it can absorb enough water molecules to avoid static electricity, depending on the surrounding humidity. Method of using conductive fibers Mixing conductive fibers into synthetic fiber fabrics is an effective way to eliminate static electricity, and its antistatic effect is not affected by the surrounding environment.

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