The weight of the sling should be evenly distributed when hoisting objects


The first and most important step in any lifting operation is to determine the weight of the lifting object. The method of obtaining the weight data of the hoisted object is the data provided by the manufacturer. If the information is not available, then the weight must be determined by other methods, such as actual weighing or calculation.

center of gravity

The center of gravity is on or close to the point on the object around which the weight of the object is evenly distributed.

1. In order to hoist safely, it is necessary to know where the center of gravity is before operation to accurately balance the load. If the heavy object is hoisted from directly above the center of gravity, it is easy to move and does not tilt.

2. The weight of an object is evenly distributed around the center of gravity, and during hoisting, this point should be ### just below the hook.

3. When the heavy object leaves the ground, it tilts, indicating that the connection between the hook and the center of gravity is not on the vertical line passing through the center of gravity.

4. If the inclination is greater than 5 degrees, it should be lowered and reconfigured.

5. If a heavy object has a symmetrical shape and constant density, the center of gravity is on the geometric center of the object.

6. In the application of hoisting, symmetrical heavy objects, such as I-beams, pipes and steel plates, can be lifted by the geometric center of gravity.

7. If the shape or density distribution is irregular, the center of gravity is closer to the heavier part.

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