The high temperature resistant sling is a high temperature sling


High temperature resistant sling, high temperature resistant sling, 500 degree high temperature resistant sling, high temperature resistant sling made of imported filament warp and weft, it is a flame retardant, high temperature resistant, strong tensile force, low elongation functional fireproof high temperature sling. It is widely used in high temperature hoisting and safety protection fields. It is a kind of functional fire-retardant high-temperature sling with flame-retardant, high-strength, low-elongation, continuous use temperature range is extremely wide, and can operate normally for a long time in the range of -196.C to 204℃. Shrinkage rate at 150℃ It is 0, does not decompose and does not melt under the high temperature of 560℃. It is widely used in the field of high temperature hoisting and safety protection. The traditional products used for hoisting high temperature are generally steel wire rope, but the steel wire rope will wear the hoisted object and resist high temperature The lifting belt completely solves this problem and is an ideal replacement for steel wire ropes. Lift also uses special high-temperature resistant fibers to be woven to make a flat lifting with a high temperature resistance of 1000 degrees.
Main characteristics of high temperature resistant lifting belt:
1. The high-temperature webbing has extremely high strength. The weight ratio tensile strength is 6 times that of steel wire, 3 times that of glass fiber, and 2 times that of high-strength nylon industrial yarn. 2. The tensile modulus of high temperature sling is 3 times of steel wire, 2 times of glass fiber, and 10 times of high strength nylon industrial yarn. To
3. The continuous use temperature range of the high-temperature sling is extremely wide, and it will not decompose and melt under the high temperature of 500℃. To
4. Mechanical properties: strength: 3.6 GPa, elongation modulus: 131 GPa, elongation at break: 2.8%
5. Thermal performance: Long-term use temperature: 350℃, axial thermal expansion coefficient: -2? 10 ^ (-6) / K, thermal conductivity: 0.048 W (m? K) Compared with traditional high-strength fiber sling
The high temperature resistant sling has the following advantages and characteristics:
1. High temperature resistance, fire and flame retardant
2. Light weight and high strength
3. Stable size, low shrinkage rate
4. Advantages such as good heat resistance
5. Soft texture, can protect the product being hoisted. Application fields: military industry, safety protection, aluminum processing and production, and hoisting in various special industries. It can replace steel wire rope as high-temperature hoisting.

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