The durability difference between ratchet belt and cam buckle


Ratchet belt-As we all know, ratchet belts are durable. They are commonly used in cargo control industries where durability and strength are important. The polyester webbing used has scratch resistance, UV resistance and waterproof properties, so it is particularly suitable for flatbed truck transportation. The 3-inch and 4-inch ratchet strap versions are the strongest and most durable versions on the market. Each ratchet is made of steel for maximum durability.

This sturdy structure keeps our ratchet tightening device firm throughout the stroke, as long as it does not exceed the working load limit. All our seat belts and hardware have been rigorously tested to establish the working load limit and breaking strength, so we can ensure the safety of every customer!

Cam buckle belts – Cam buckle belts are definitely not as strong as ratchet belts, but they are definitely durable! They are made of polyester fiber and can resist rain, sunlight and harmful scratches. The hardware of the cam buckle belt is made of steel to ensure that every belt that leaves our store can withstand the burden you need to bear. As long as you don't abuse the belt or exceed the working load limit of the cam buckle belt, they are enough to get the job done!

The way the belt is stored and used will affect its service life. It is important to always store the belt in a dry place and to avoid friction of the belt on the cargo as much as possible.

What the ratchet belt and cam buckle belt take away

When you compare and contrast two fasten belts, your decision ultimately depends on two things: your purpose for using it and personal preference. Each strap has its pros and cons. The ratchet belt is stronger, but the cam buckle is easier to use.

These are just facts. But sometimes, either of them is fine. That's when it comes down to personal preference. As long as the working load limit matches the limit given on the belt, you can use any limit you like!

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