Super practical sling safety precautions


1. When using the sling, be sure to hang the heavy object in the center, and hang it on the hook tip of the hook to ensure that the heavy object has been suspended.

2. The hoisting process should be kept away from ultra-high temperature conditions. Although the hoisting belt is resistant to high temperature, it will catch fire when working in ultra-high temperature conditions, and the risk factor is very high.

3. During the hoisting process, the rope should not be knotted or twisted, and the product can be transported steadily only if the belt body is smooth.

4. The operator must pass the training, regardless of the lifting belt, its process and use technology also have methods and skills. Do not find anyone who can carry out the lifting operation, it is very dangerous.

5. The process of two slings and four slings is different. When the two slings are working, the rope should be hung directly in the hook, and hung on the double hook to weigh the center of gravity. For the four slings, every two slings need to be directly When hanging on a double hook, remember that there is no overlap and extrusion between the sling and the sling, and the force must be symmetrically placed in the center of the hook.

6. When encountering sharp objects or protruding edges and corners, be sure to use sheaths and corner protectors for protection.

7. The hoisting process selects the model of the hoisting belt according to the size and weight of the item.

8. During the hoisting process, it is also necessary to stay away from dangerous environments, such as strong acid, strong wind, and heavy rain. Be sure to pay attention to safety issues

The process of using the lifting belt seems simple, but it is not as easy as we imagined. In fact, we should be grateful to those technicians who created the entire lifting process through their technology. Behind the hard work, they paid so much sweat and perseverance. struggle on the front lines.

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