Some matters needing attention in the use of hoisting belt


1. Do not use damaged slings

2, in hoisting, do not twist, twisted sling

3, don't let the sling knot

4. Avoid tearing apart sewing parts or loading work

5, when moving the sling, do not drag it

6, avoid extortion or shock loads.

7, each sling must be inspected before each use

8, Polyester fiber has the function of inorganic acid resistance, but susceptible to organic acid damage

9, the current LUN is suitable for the most resistant to chemical substances use

10, Nylon has the ability to withstand the acid-resistant machine, susceptible to face acid damage

11, nylon in damp, strong loss of up to 15%

12, if the sling is in a possible chemical contamination or is used at high temperatures, the supplier should be consulted.

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