Ratchet straps can improve your life


Ratchet Straps (also referred to as Tie Down Straps) have been around for a long time. Historically, they have been used to secure cargo in the back of semis and on flatbed trailers. Although they have long been used in the trucking and transportation industry, they have recently become a useful tool for every household.

As time goes on, people have developed crafty and clever ways to use Ratchet Straps, and we believe that knowing these ways can be helpful in your daily life. That is why we have written this article today so please enjoy.

Moving a Kayak or Canoe

For most people that buy a kayak or canoe, transporting it seems like the least of their worries. All those people picture is the adventure that they will have while exploring the open waters. Unfortunately, they are ignoring a huge issue. That issue is transportation. Kayaks and canoes are often large and difficult to move around. This means that unless you have a large pickup, you will have to secure the vessel to the top of your car.

Ratchet Straps work great for that function. Ratchet Straps are dependable, strong, and relatively easy to use. Since these two items are usually long, they can catch gusts of win very easily so it is important for them to be secured properly and Ratchet Straps are a great way to accomplish that. So get your Tie Down straps today and keep your kayak or canoe on top of your car instead of on the side of the road.

Securing Small Vehicles with Ratchet Straps

You are on your way to the trails for the weekend with your new ATV. The last thing you would want is for your beloved ATV to fall over on the trailer or worse, fall off the trailer completely. There have been many arguments about which method is the best way to tie down a motorcycle, dirt bike, or ATV. One common denominator in every single method of securement is a Ratchet Strap or Cam Buckle Strap.

Ratchet Straps are a great way to tie down your recreational vehicle without causing damage to the paint or plastic because the material is much softer than a chain would be. They are also much stronger than bungee cords. Bungee cords should NEVER be used to secure cargo of any kind. They are easily stretched and broken and are not strong enough to safely secure cargo with any significant weight. Bungee cords are also easily damaged by the outside elements, a problem that is lessened by Ratchet Straps. There is no question that Tie Down Straps are the best way to secure your small vehicles.

Using Ratchet Straps on a Camping Trip

There are many different ways to utilize a Ratchet Strap on your next camping trip. Tired of sleeping on the hard ground at your campsite? There are plenty of tents on the market these days that are compatible with Ratchet Straps. Just find a few solid trees around your campsite and your tent will be airborne in no time at all.

Having your tent suspended into the air brings a whole new element to the camping experience. It also helps to keep you dry while you sleep during rainy seasons. The style of this tent also reduces the impact on the forest floor that a normal tent would have.

Since weʼre talking about being suspended into the air, we have to talk about hammocks. Hammocks have grown in popularity in the past few years with the discovery of easy securement methods like Ratchet Straps. You used to need to drill into the trees and place hooks to set up a hammock, but by using Tie Down Straps, setting up a hammock is easy. The webbing material is also much safer for the trees and causes no damage to bark or structure of the tree. Save yourself time and help save the environment by using Ratchet Straps next time you go to set up a hammock.

Using a Ratchet Strap in a Pickup Truck

You may be thinking, I already knew that people used ratchet straps in the back of pickup trucks. You are not completely wrong to think that, but there are some very interesting ways that people are able to utilize Ratchet Straps in pickups that we think will surprise you. With a tool as versatile as Tie Down Straps, people find ways to use them that may not be completely obvious. One way that we have seen people use them is by running the strap through bags of groceries in the bed to prevent them from shifting around.

This seems like a simple thing, but it really is quite effective since many pickups do not have a lot of space in the cab if there are multiple passengers. Another way that some people utilize Ratchet Straps is by making their own truck racks and then securing them to the bed of the truck with Ratchet Straps. This allows the racks to be removed quickly and easily by simply loosening the Ratchet Straps instead of having the rack bolted to the truck which is a more permanent solution.

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