Precautions when lifting large workpieces with rigging


For the hoisting of large workpieces, factors such as large tonnage, complex shape, high value, and multi-person collaboration further increase the difficulty of operation and risk factors. Therefore, when lifting large workpieces with rigging, the following points should be mastered and mastered:
1. Observe the shape of the workpiece before operation, grasp the position of the center of gravity of the workpiece, and determine the weight of the workpiece according to the drawing. Correctly choose ropes, shackles, hooks and other rigging equipment. When selecting a wire rope, correctly calculate the load-bearing tension of a single wire rope.
2. There are hoisting rings or ears specially designed for the hoisting of the workpiece. It should be carefully checked before operation, and cables should be added to all hoisting rings.
3. If the workpiece itself does not have a lifting ring, the position of the cable point should be selected correctly. And make the crane hook to the center of gravity of the workpiece.
4. Note that the angle between the rigging should usually be less than 90 degrees.
5. Before hoisting, a trial hoist should be carried out, and the next process should be carried out after confirming that it is correct.

The staff need to pay attention to the lifting operation of the sling
1. Arrange a special person in charge, and have a special person responsible for guiding, taking care of the power gas unit, adjusting and hardening the accessories.
2. Pay attention to whether the loosening length of the sling meets the needs, and check whether the sling is blocked or not. When the wind speed exceeds level 6, no matter what the wind direction is, the jacking operation should be prohibited. If you encounter an instantaneous increase in air volume, you should stop lifting immediately.
3. During the lifting process, it is forbidden to change the growth and rotation procedures, and perform the operation carefully. The team must pay great attention to the entire hoisting process and check the slings in time to avoid accidents and endanger lives.
There are many measures in the lifting and lowering process of the sling that need to be carefully implemented by the operator. The user must strengthen the training before using the sling, and be skilled in the operation specifications. Only on the basis of correct operation can the lifting of the sling work.

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