Precautions for use of flexible strap


1, before each use, carefully inspect the strap to ensure that the specifications are in line. Unconfirmed or defective, will be discontinued. Must be sent to competent people to inspect, not to repair themselves, should always follow the supplier's recommendations.

2, the flexible strap must be inspected before each use, check whether the strap surface has transverse, from the scrape or cut, edges, soft rings and end parts are damaged, to confirm that the sling good side can be carried out. Must adopt the correct method coefficient, cannot overload.

3, the lifting of the workpiece should be smooth surface, no sharp corners, burrs and edges, apricot should use the special jacket and protective angle. When using a soft ring directly hanging, its support diameter does not exceed the length of 1/3 of the soft ring, if the bandwidth is greater than 75mm, should not directly use the soft ring and hook-ring connection hanging, if the bandwidth is less than 75mm, can use the soft ring directly linked to hook-and-ring suspension, but hook-loop radius of curvature must not be less than 0.75 of bandwidth.

4, should not concentrate on the use of unprotected tie-knot lifting method. The soft ring shall not be connected with any device that may cause damage to it, and the lifting device connected with the soft ring shall be smooth, without any sharp edges, and its dimensions and shapes shall not be torn apart or overloaded with the strap.

5, in the mobile strap and cargo, the strap is not allowed to drag anywhere, lest damage the strap surface. Not in a tie or twist in the state of the crane. The sling is prohibited for long time hanging cargo. Avoid shock or vibrating loads.

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