Precautions for the use of slings


The following conditions occur during the use of slings and slings and should be scrapped:
1. The webbing portion of the sling rigging is severely worn, torn or perforated.
2. The eye part of the sling rigging is open or the sewing thread is worn.
3. There are obvious wounds on the sling metal fittings.
4. Deformation of sling metal fittings

Precautions for the use of slings:
1. It is not allowed to use over tonnage, pay attention to the tonnage of the clamp feet
2. It is not allowed to pull, pull or drag the rigging during the rigging process
3. It is not allowed to hang the goods for a long time
4. No single rigging is allowed to be stressed, and the load should be evenly distributed on each rigging as much as possible
5. When hooking an object, the force point must be in the middle of the hook

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