Precautions for proper installation and use of slings


Sling is a broad term with many classifications, including shackles, slings, lifting tackles, hooks, steel tongs, lifting chains, strong rings, magnetic hoists, and wire rope slings.

(1) Safety helmets must be worn when entering the construction site.

(2) Personnel working at heights must fasten their seat belts.

(3) Strictly abide by the installation procedures and installation operating rules.

(4) The entire installation process should be directed by a special person, and no other person shall direct the operation.

(5) Obey the overall arrangement and command, and achieve both division of labor and cooperation.

(6) Set up a cordon in the operation area of ​​the construction site, and prohibit irrelevant personnel from walking in the operation area.

(7) In case of strong wind (above level 5), rain or fog, the operation should be stopped.

(8) After installation, each safety protection device must be adjusted to be sensitive and reliable.

(9) The placement point and ground endurance of the truck crane should meet the requirements, and the truck crane operator must hold a certificate.

(10) The lifting personnel participating in the crane installation must hold a certificate and master the operation, installation and disassembly procedures and requirements of the crane.

(11) All detachable pins, high-strength connecting bolts and nuts of all parts of the crane are special parts and cannot be replaced at will.

(12) All safety protection facilities, including ladders, guardrails, etc., must be installed and used.

(13) The gantry crane must ensure a safe distance of more than 5 meters from the high point of the transmission line at the construction site.

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