• Variety of webbing materials

    Variety of webbing materials

    The webbing material is different, and the webbing woven by the webbing has its own merits, so how to choose: Selection of elastic band material: The selection and production of materials are very particular. Today, when we pay attention to green life, the elastic band tends to use non-toxic and har... read more

    Dec 20,2021 News
  • How to distinguish the quality of webbing

    How to distinguish the quality of webbing

    There are many types of webbing in the webbing industry, which are widely used in various industrial sectors such as apparel, trademark printing, shoe materials, luggage, industry, agriculture, military supplies, and transportation. In the 1930s, webbing was produced by hand-crafted workshop webbing... read more

    Dec 15,2021 News
  • The trend of the webbing industry

    The trend of the webbing industry

    At present, the market development and production speed of the webbing industry is increasing by leaps and bounds. The market cycle of new webbing products (corn fiber webbing, bamboo fiber webbing, R-PET webbing, organic cotton webbing, jacquard webbing, various fiber webbing, fiber webbing) is con... read more

    Dec 08,2021 News
  • Ribbon dyeing process

    Ribbon dyeing process

    High-quality webbing products must go through multiple screenings before they are given to customers. Colored webbing will go through a sophisticated dyeing process. The dyeing process of webbing needs to go through the following points: There are three main points: First point: Pre-treatment of the... read more

    Dec 03,2021 News
  • Product features and technology of polyester webbing

    Product features and technology of polyester webbing

    1. Polyester webbing refers to the general name of blended fabric belts of polyester and cotton. The main ingredient is tapen. Its characteristics are that it not only highlights the style of the polyester webbing but also has the strengths of the pure cotton webbing. It has good elasticity and abra... read more

    Nov 22,2021 News
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