• How to identify the material of the webbing

    How to identify the material of the webbing

    To identify the material of the webbing, an experienced person will know what the material of the webbing is, the approximate width and thickness of the webbing when they touch the webbing. However, as a newcomer who has just stepped into the webbing industry, to achieve such a level obviously depen... read more

    Mar 16,2022 News
  • The development of webbing

    The development of webbing

    Woven (woven) Warp and weft interweaving. After twisting, the yarn is warped into a bobbin (pan head), the weft yarn is shaken into a bun, and the tape is woven on the loom. In the 1930s, weaving belts for hand-pulled wooden looms and iron-wood looms. In the early 1960s, the 1511 loom was converted ... read more

    Mar 11,2022 News
  • Classification of webbing

    Classification of webbing

    1. According to the material: Nylon / Tedlon / PP polypropylene / acrylic / cotton / polyester / gold and silver onion / spandex / light silk / rayon, etc. The difference between nylon and PP webbing: Generally, nylon webbing is woven first and then dyed, so the color of the yarn after cutting will ... read more

    Mar 02,2022 News
  • Cutting of webbing

    Cutting of webbing

    Webbing is widely used, and the processing equipment of webbing also requires a high degree of automation and exquisite effect. The traditional cutting of webbing is based on the principle of cold shearing and hot shearing. The shearing effect has burrs, loose edges, uneven cuts or appearance Yellow... read more

    Feb 23,2022 News
  • Brief introduction of jacquard webbing process

    Brief introduction of jacquard webbing process

    Jacquard webbing is a fashionable and trendy webbing process, while nylon jacquard webbing is the most widely used type of webbing of the highest grade today. After the jacquard, the webbing has a three-dimensional and exquisite appearance, and the jacquard pattern is durable and durable, and will n... read more

    Feb 19,2022 News
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