Inspection, scrapping and renewal of slings


1. The slings in storage should be inspected before use. The slings in use should be inspected in detail every six months. The inspection items are divided into:

1.1 The lifting capacity and length of the hoisting belt's certificate and the belt body's logo are the same.

1.2 The sling is complete, the logo is clear, and the sling is not damaged. (The use of slings without markings and signs is prohibited.)

1.3 The material of the webbing should be identified by the color of the label. The following is the material of the sling and the corresponding label color.

Polyamide (usually indicated in green); polyester (usually indicated in blue); polypropylene (usually indicated in brown).

1.4 When the length of the sling changes, the working load should be less than 3%.

2. If one of the following situations occurs after inspection, the sling shall be scrapped, shall not be repaired, and shall not be used.

2.1 The hoisting belt has hard wounds (including cutting wounds, bruises on the hard edges and corners of the hoisting objects, partial melting wounds by electric heating, partial melting wounds by fire, etc.).

2.2 Surface scratches: During normal use, the surface fibers will be scratched. These are normal abrasions and have little effect on the performance of the sling. But this effect is variable, so with continued use, some weight should be relieved. All serious abrasions, especially those around the edges, should be taken into account. Local wear is different from general wear, which may be caused by scratches by sharp edges when the sling is stretched and straightened, and may reduce the load-bearing capacity.

2.3 Cuts: transverse or longitudinal cuts, cuts or damage to the selvage.

2.4 Under the rated load, the sling is more than 10% longer than the supplied size.

2.5 It needs to be scrapped if it is used frequently for 1 year without damage.

2.6 Not used when stored for more than 1 year. (Sampling tensile test is required)

2.7 The frequency is low, and the maximum service life is not more than 18 months.

2.8 Long-term open-air operation, open-air storage for more than half a year.

2.9 The fibers of the sling are softened and aged (yellowing), the surface is rough and easy to peel off, the elasticity is reduced, and the strength is weakened.

3. The scrapped hoisting slings should be destroyed or managed in a unified manner, and shall not be re-flowed, and shall not be repaired or modified by themselves during the use cycle.

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