• Knowledge about lifting tools

    Knowledge about lifting tools

    The knowledge of lifting tools, including concepts, uses, classification, performance parameters, working characteristics, and use, etc., is an introductory knowledge to understand lifting tools, and it must be understood. If you do not understand, then you ca n’t talk about using it. So, it is nece... read more

    Apr 29,2020 News
  • Tensioner precautions

    Tensioner precautions

    1. Use only tensioners that are not broken, and the label clearly indicates the ability. 2. Can not be overloaded. 3. Do not tie the webbing to use. 4. When using, try to keep the fabric away from sharp edges and corners from abrasion or cutting. 5. Avoid twisting and twisting the tensioner. 6. Do n... read more

    Aug 04,2016 Industry News
  • How to choose the sling strap specifications and the angle of use?

    How to choose the sling strap specifications and the angle of use?

    In modern industry, slings are used in a wide range of applications. Lifting straps are required for bundling and handling of goods in many industries. The sling is of good quality, with high tensile strength, anti-corrosion and anti-electricity. It is a very widely used tool in modern industry. Gen... read more

    Nov 19,2019 Industry News
  • Portable tensioner

    Portable tensioner

    Technical field The present invention relates to the field of mechanical manufacturing technology, and more particularly to a portable tensioner. Background technique The tensioner is a device for tightening the strap used for the cargo during the packing process of the cargo. The conventional tensi... read more

    Aug 04,2016 Industry News
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