How to use the mini ratchet strap to tie your Mini to the trailer


When you push, especially when you have been in a project car for many years, neither of these two operations may have obvious effects.

If you are worried that the car may move when installing a small ratchet belt to tie the wheels or having multiple assistants fix the car in place.

There is no need to over tighten the mini ratchet strap. I have seen chains and staplers used to tie vehicles to trailers. Suitable for hardware of heavy equipment. This type of gear can cause permanent damage to the frame, body, or both of the car.

Mini type without any ratchet binding or recovery points:
You can find some places here. Then cross the car diagonally to make an X. At the rear, this will cause the belt to wear out over time. It may also cause the belt to be pulled in and stuck between the rubber cone and the steel of the subframe, which may be difficult to remove. I have never done this with any of those steel coil spring substitutes. As long as the belt is armored and you keep paying attention to wear, there should be no problem.

The exhaust port usually runs the miniature ratchet belt in X-ray mode. You can run them in parallel, but pay attention to the movement from side to side. Another good place to tie down the micro strap is the large round hole on the front and auxiliary fork. The frame behind the axle. You can use this hole to place a hook that moves forward or backward. Mainly because the hook uses load control hardware that comes with the truck.

The wheel cover makes it a safer system. These people will make a set of smaller wheel covers to fit 10" micro tires and tires. Although these wheel covers may not have a load rating label, they are small ratchet straps that can easily reach a 6000 lbs+ rating. And fixed On the other end, move the distance of the strap back a bit so that the ratchet can be fixed.

Another system is used to tie multiple cars to a large trailer through axle belts, and then install them on the rear of the tires, and then to a certain point behind the wheels, and then on the track. This is another style, the wheel cover style tie can achieve fast and safe work.

Belts sometimes pass through openings in aluminum or metal rims. It depends on the actual rim. The sharp corners of some wheels may cut into the micro ratchet belt. As with any design that secures a car, you need to regularly check the tightness and tension of all 1-inch ratchet belts. To prevent the belt from polishing the area below it.

No matter which system you choose, you must firmly block the wheels before you start, then put the tractor's gearbox in the parking gear and fully depress the parking brake. If you are working in rain or other weather, it is recommended to be extra careful. The trailer deck may be slippery and sharp. After the operation, please park it in a safe place for the first half an hour, and then re-check the entire rig: safety chain, separate switch cable, coupler, trailer lights, door, hood, trunk, and everything on the car or car Other latch trailers.

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