How to use lashing tape to remind cargo safety


When you find some wrong methods of using lashing straps to secure goods, let us provide you with some useful tips from experts and introduce the methods you should use in your daily securing practice.

1). Protect from at least four different protection points-usually, professional trucks, professional movers and many first-time and full-time shippers in the shipping industry often overlook one of common sense. The reason for using at least four fasten straps to secure your cargo is simple. You can reduce the pressure on each strap, and if one of the straps will break your cargo, you can create a fail-safe device so you can still stay safe. Similarly, if you are going on the road and need to brake suddenly or change lanes suddenly due to debris or other drivers, then your cargo weight transfer will keep the cargo safe and prevent damage to your cargo or vehicle.

2). Use angle protectors to prevent friction or damage caused by over-tightening – did you know that friction caused by belt friction on sharp edges or surfaces during transportation is one of the most common ways to damage a belt fastening? You can help prevent this by using edge guards, Cordura sleeves, or even sharp edges (protected by corner protectors), lest you need a new belt over time. Although these methods can help make the straps last longer, they still need to be replaced after a period of time to ensure that the strength of the straps will not be weakened by the sun or mold. The strength of the strapping is only as strong as the weakest link.

3). Buy a tie from a well-known company – although the best tie may not always be the cheapest, the price you pay for using the cheapest tie may be damages, loss of the safety of customers and even other drivers. We often urge our customers to purchase belts based on the application they want to fix and the strength to leave room before breaking. We found that Amazon's watchbands are usually broken without prior notice, or the quality is not the customer's expectation, so they have to buy a bundled watchband a second time. If you have not purchased a belt from the company, you may want to buy a belt first to test the quality, and then buy a large number of tie-up belts that may need to be returned later.

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