How to use heavy duty ratchet straps correctly for cargo


If you’re transporting heavy items or large cargo in your truck, heavy duty ratchet straps are a must. These heavy duty ratchet straps hold your cargo tightly in place so it doesn’t shift when you’re on the road. So it is important to learn how to use heavy duty ratchet straps correctly to keep your cargo safe from harm and prevent damage to your truck.

1. Choose the right heavy duty ratchet straps

Heavy duty ratchet straps are rated based on the weight of the cargo they are capable of anchoring, always use a strap with a rating higher than the weight of your cargo.

2. Make sure a firm attachment point

If without a firm attachment point, you’ll never be able to make sure the heavy duty ratchet straps safe enough for transporting.

3. Tighten up and double check

Check the length of the heavy duty ratchet straps to make sure it isn’t twisting and is flat against your cargo. Slowly tighten the strap, checking the positioning of the webbing as you go to verify it doesn’t shift or bind somewhere. Give each strap one final double check to make sure the line is taut before you drive away. For long trips, it will surprise you how much looser your formerly tight line can become after being jostled by wind and the bumps of the road.

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