How to use a ratchet strap


Ratchet straps can make for the perfect method for transporting cargo, securing a load, and making sure your valuable items arrive at their destination safely! Ratchet straps can be known as Ratchet straps, Ratchet Tie Down Straps, Tie Downs, Cargo Straps, Transportation straps, or Webbing straps.

Ratchet Straps & Tie downs make for the perfect sure-fire way of a cheaper insurance. Did you know that the vast majority of automobile accidents can actually be avoided by using safe transportation practices? One of which is the proper way to use a Ratchet Strap? Let’s get started.

Firstly, it’s important to note that you should always know your load weight limits and any potential obstacles you may have to overcome; such as a securement point needing a special hook such as S hooks, J Hooks, Wire Hooks, or maybe even Flat hooks.

It is very important to also note that you should never use ratchet straps or tie down straps if the straps are defective. Ratchet straps have a life expectancy of around 3 years, but can last longer depending on how they are used (avoiding friction and caring for straps goes a long way) depending on applications. If Ratchet Straps have any sort of damage, are wet, have mold or mildew, or have any visible signs of damage; they are unsafe to use and should wait till they are dry or if they have visible tears, webbing missing, or damage they should be replaced with new tie down straps.

The most important thing to note before proceeding with using Ratchet Straps is knowing the Working Weight Limit of what you are attempting to secure for transport. The Working Weight Limit (WLL) is the weight that determines if the ratchet straps are safe to use for every application. If you are attempting to move something make sure the working weight limit is strong enough to secure the load you are looking to move. The WLL is not to be mistaken by the Breaking Strength of a Ratchet Strap. Now you know the basics behind using a ratchet strap let’s begin with the step by step tutorial on how to use a ratchet strap.

How to Tighten a Ratchet Strap
If you need to tighten a tie down: Firstly, from the bottom of the ratchet thread the webbing through the center spool and pull the webbing through removing some of the excess webbing slack.

From bottom thread the webbing through the center spool of the ratchet and pull through the webbing, removing the excess webbing slack.

Next, pull the slack out and leave enough webbing to rotate the ratchet mandrill back and forth 3-4 times.

Make sure that the handle is completely down and secured during the ratchet. If the ratchet is partially or not completely closed it can be unintentionally released.

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