How long is the length of the soft ring eye of the sling


Small details in life are often overlooked by us, and these ignored details are our fatal weakness. The problem we have always been concerned about is whether the round sling is strong, and the strengthening of the ring eye will reduce the possibility of causing danger. What is the appropriate length of the soft ring eye? Does the length of the soft ring eye have anything to do with the quality of the sling?

According to the sling implementation standard, the length of the inner ring of the eye is: measured flatly with a steel tape measure or steel ruler with a division value of 1mm, and its small size should meet the following requirements:
When the width of the webbing is not more than 150mm, it is 3 times the width;
When the width of the webbing is greater than 150mm, it is 2.5 times the width.

The size of the ring eye is larger than the given standard size, and the actual tensile force of such products during lifting is smaller than that of conventional products. The main reason is that the actual tensile length of the sling body is shortened, and the maximum working load of the hoisting cannot be exerted during hoisting.

The size of the ring eye is smaller than the standard size given by the manufacturer. When the sling is stretched and stressed, the ring eye will collapse and the suture will be torn. At this time, the sling will be scrapped, which will also cause danger.

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