Do you know what are the restrictions on the angle of use of the sling


In the application process of slings, there are many precautions that operators need to pay attention to and observe. Here, Jili rigging summarizes the use angle restrictions of slings for everyone. I hope everyone can pay attention to it in time and learn and use it.

When using flat slings with soft lugs, the length of the small lugs should not be less than 3.5 times the thickness of the hooks in contact with the lugs, and the movable angle of the lugs should not exceed 20°. When connecting a sling with a soft lug to a lifting appliance, the contact part of the sling and lifting appliance must be straight, unless the axial width of the sling does not exceed 75mm, and the bending radius of the lifting attachment must be at least the sling 0.75 times the axial width.

heavy duty car tow straps with hook

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For example: the radius of the sling on the cargo hook is at least 0.75 times the axial width of the sling. The width of the fabric may be affected by the radius of the inner part of the cargo hook. The effect of the curvature of the cargo hook hinders the balanced effect of the strength in the width of the fabric. The sling is strictly forbidden to be overloaded, and the correct mode factor must be used. Some of the methods of the ultimate working force may have been given on the label. Multiple combination slings cannot exceed a large angle in the vertical direction.

To ensure the safety and efficiency of the entire hoisting process, we must operate in a standardized manner. Jili Rigging hopes that everyone can plan the hoisting operation plan before starting hoisting, follow and accumulate more hoisting experience, and lay a solid foundation for hoisting operations. Safety, not just for yourself...

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