Different types of car straps


Axle belt-Axle belt is used to fix the vehicle on the trailer or flatbed by the axle. The axle belt can use tools such as E track rails to help establish a fixed point to prevent your vehicle from moving or becoming unfixed, thereby damaging the vehicle or trailer. The axle belt is protected by a Cordura sleeve, which protects the webbing on the axle belt from sharp edges. Reducing the sharp edges on the lashing belt can prevent cuts or webbing from rubbing and burning or tearing, thereby greatly extending the service life of the product. The shaft belt is designed to be connected with a spring hook for fastening with a ratchet, thereby providing a firmer fixation than simple manual force.

Side-mounted wheel nets-Side-mounted wheel nets work by bypassing the outside of the vehicle tires to be fixed, thereby creating a large fixing point from four or six different points depending on the number of wheels to be fixed on the vehicle. The side-mounted wheel net has a ratchet to fasten the wheel net in place so that the vehicle can be transported safely. The wheel net is very adjustable and can fit almost any size wheel on the car you are transporting.

Lariat Strap-Lasso Strap So far, it is one of the most commonly used car trailer straps, mainly because of its simplicity and because you can fasten the vehicle in just a few minutes. These belts are specially designed for vehicle transportation purposes, making them more convenient and safer.

Wheel ties-Wheel ties are one of the most commonly used types of car ties. They are designed from ties and can be adjusted according to your vehicle. They are very similar to traditional ratchet straps, but the first difference is that they are made with hardware options, such as chains and hooks, twisted hooks and RTJ hooks to secure the vehicle from an ideal fixed position.

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