Car chains vs Car belts


The two main fixing methods in the automated transportation industry are chains and belts.

Chains are considered stronger than belts. They are made of high-strength steel that will not stretch or tear. For these reasons, many professionals in the industry use chains, but some disadvantages of chains should be considered. Since the chain is too hard, it may damage the frame if it is improperly fixed. The frame of the car is very badly damaged, and in extreme cases it may cause the car to be scrapped.

The chain also requires you to hook it directly to the frame. The rigidity of the steel chain will cause the hooks to pull apart in some parts of the frame. If the wrong hooks are used, they may fall and cause you to completely lose your load!

Made of polyester fiber, designed to not damage the vehicle when towing. The soft webbing allows the belt to slide on the wheel or on the axle of the vehicle for fixation. The only disadvantage of the belt is its stretchability. The polyester tape can be stretched up to 3% during use. This number may seem low, but it can work. This is why it is important to check the belt every time it stops.

Both belts and chains can pull the vehicle. Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages, and there is no better consensus. The choice depends on the type of vehicle to be protected, state laws to tow anywhere, and personal preference. As long as you do not exceed the workload limit, you can work normally!

How to tighten the car strap instructions

There are many different ways to secure car straps, but whatever you do, make sure that the belt is firmly secured to the frame in some way. Avoid wrapping straps around wires and brake wires, as they may break or be damaged during transportation. After finding a suitable fixing point, please follow the steps below to securely fix the cargo on the trailer.

1. From the bottom side, pass one end of the webbing through the slot on the center spool of the ratchet.
2. Then pull the end of the webbing back to the original direction, and then pull to eliminate excess slack.
3. Increase the belt tension by moving the ratchet handle up and down until the desired tension is reached. The belt should be fastened but not too tight, because you do not want to damage the vehicle.

How to loosen the car strap

1. To loosen the car strap, please pull the tab near the handle to cover the ratchet function.
2. Continue to hold the tab and open the ratchet until it is completely flat.
3. As far as possible, pass the non-fixed end of the webbing through the spool to untie the belt from the vehicle.
4. Pull the tab again to close the ratchet, in order to prepare for the next project binding.

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