Car lasso belt tips for professionals


Make sure to use at least four adjustable tie-down devices to secure the vehicle from four different fixing points to balance the weight of the vehicle and weight changes. The weight change may be caused by sudden lane changes, sudden emergency braking, or excessively fast steering. If necessary, or if you only use four, you will feel unsafe and you can use more than four belts to secure the vehicle. However, when securing heavy objects, do not use less than four lashing straps.

Remember to always check the car’s fastening straps for damage around the edges of the straps, cuts on the straps, mold and mildew, and metal hardware for defects or burn marks. These defects may seriously damage the fastening straps of the car, and if these fastening straps are used, the car may be damaged. If you find any of these defects on the seat belts, please replace them immediately because they are not safe to use.

One of the secrets of any car kidnapping expert is to always re-tighten the kidnapping after transporting the vehicle for miles. The stretch of the polyester webbing is about 3% of the total length of the webbing on the belt. Compared with other types of lashing materials (such as nylon), this material is greatly reduced, but it should always be re-tightened after a few miles to ensure that the strength can always ensure the safety of the vehicle. A good rule of thumb is to remember that the next time you travel, you should check the belt after about 45-50 miles.

When transporting along the road, the vehicle does not need to be in gear or parked, but because it reduces the chance of movement, this is an additional safety measure.

The two most common methods of securing a vehicle are 4-point fixation and 8-point fixation. This can be done by using 4 ratchet belts or 8 ratchet straps, usually two belts at the front and two belts at the back for four-point fixation. If you plan to fix it at eight points, you need to make four belts on the front and four ratchet belts on the back.

The lasso belt can be used to ensure that the vehicle will not sprint forward due to sudden braking during transportation. The vehicle is heavy and it is easy to move forward when it stops suddenly. This can help reduce damage to the vehicle during transportation.

Consider using two rags or wool protective sleeves on each tie when securing to protect your vehicle or customer's vehicle rims. There is nothing worse than scratching the destination around the hub. Whether the vehicle is one thousand dollars or one hundred thousand dollars, make sure to always consider this step. This is important to someone and can greatly increase the chances of repeat customers.

If the tires become flat in a short time or for a long time, safety may be seriously impaired. Therefore, it is important not to strictly rely on a single wheel of the vehicle as a fixed point. If the seat belt fails or the tire is flat or punctured, additional protective blankets are required to ensure safety.

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