Burning identification method of commonly used materials for webbing


Appearance near the flame In the flame After leaving the flame Smell Shape of ash

Immediately burning near the flame Burning Faster afterburning with afterglow Burning paper smell Very little, soft, black or grey

Melting away from the flame Melting and burning Difficult to continue burning, will self-extinguishing Feather smell Fragile, brittle, black

Melting from the flame There is a slight sound when burning Difficult to continue burning, will self-extinguish, and splash when burning Feather burning Fragile, brittle, black

It burns near the flame, there is a popping sound when it burns, and there is afterglow when it continues to burn. Same as cotton Same as cotton

Immediately burning near the flame Burning after burning very fast with no afterglow Burning paper mixed with chemical smell No ash except for dull ones, with a small amount of black ash in between

Melt near flame Melt, drip and blister No immediate follow-up Celery-like smell Hard, round, light, brown to gray, beaded

Ditto Ditto Can continue to burn, a few have smoke Very weak sweetness Hard round, black or light brown
Acrylic fiber Melting, burning near flame Melting and burning Fast burning, splashing Weak spicy taste Hard black, irregular or beaded


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