5 Different Types of Cargo Bars and How to Use Them


The number one priority of all transport truck drivers is safety. The second priority of all transport truck drivers is getting the cargo to its final destination undamaged. Knowing this, It makes sense to use any tool available to increase the chances of accomplishing these two priorities.

Cargo bars, also called load bars, have been used by semi-truck and pickup drivers for years to safely secure their loads and prevent load shift. As these drivers look for new and innovative ways to protect themselves and their cargo, a variety of different cargo bars have been developed. The following list discusses 5 of the most popular types of cargo bars and how to properly utilize them in order to improve safety.

Load Lock Bars

Load Lock Bars are a quick and easy way to secure cargo in the back of a pickup truck or semi. Each bar has a rubber foot pad that is either bolted or welded to the ends of the bar depending on your preference. These rubber pads are a crucial piece of the load lock bar because they allow both ends to be firmly secured to the walls of your vehicle.

It is important to check these pieces each time you use your cargo bar because damage to them could result in slippage. Our Load Lock Bars also feature an easy release mechanism that allows you to quickly adjust the bar to the desired height, even with bulky safety gloves on.

Jack Load Bars

Jack Load Bars are slightly different from Load Lock Bars. Both bars use pressure to stabilize themselves on the sidewalls of a vehicle but Jack Load Bars use a jack to apply the pressure instead of just a release mechanism. This gives them an advantage over standard load lock bars in this area because the jack allows the user to more firmly secure the bar to the outside walls.

Users need to be careful though because putting excessive pressure on the side walls of a semi could cause serious damage to them. Only tighten the bar firmly enough to safely contain your cargo.

These Cargo Bars are available in both square and round versions. The rubber feet on the ends of the Jack Load Bar are 4×4 and can be welded on or bolted on depending on your preference. One question that a lot of people have with the cargo bars and load bars is Where will I store them?

E Track Load Bars

E Track Load Bars help you make the most out of the space in your semi. So many options are available for anyone who has an E track system currently installed in their truck. They can be used as a normal load bar to separate loads and prevent load shift or they can be used to create multiple levels and optimize space that would normally be unusable. This makes them a versatile tool in the cargo control industry.

Each day truck drivers are limited by the amount of time they can be on the road and by how much they can haul in the back of their truck. By using our E track shoring beams you can greatly increase the amount of usable space in your truck. Maximizing the amount of product that can be moved by one truckload ultimately increases the amount of profit for a company.

E Track Shoring Beams are not only used in the back of semis. Some people use shoring beams in the back of smaller trailers and even in garages or sheds. Our wood beam sockets are perfect for creating layers in your crowded garage or trailer. E track load bars with hoops add an extra layer of containment and are great for securing multiple boxes that may be susceptible to shifting or falling.

Hoop Load Bars

A Hoop Load Bar is everything that a Cargo Bar or a Load Bar is except it has large metal hoops attached to it. These hoops increase the coverage area of the cargo bar and allow for even more protection against load shift. The hoops can either be welded on or bolted on depending on your preference. The bolted hoops can be removed for storage purposes. Hoops can be added to any one of the Cargo Bars or Load Bars on our website.

Hoop Load Bars are specifically designed for large boxes that are susceptible to load shift during transit. The large rectangular shape of these bars is able to contain things that normal cargo bars would not be able to safely handle. With the bolted on a version of our hoop cargo bars, it is important to make sure that the hoops are properly secured.

Pickup Load Bars

Whether you are a contractor transporting heavy equipment in your pickup or a soccer mom picking up groceries in your suburban, Pickup Load Bars can make your life easier. The sturdy steel construction of cargo bars means that you can haul heavy loads without being too heavy for everyday use.



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