The strength difference between ratchet strap and cam buckle belt


For some people, choosing a strap is as easy as going to the store and grabbing the first one they see on the shelf. It’s okay when you take your kids’ bicycle on the street or work on a family project, but when you are transporting the most valuable items across the country, there’s no doubt that you will delve deeper into the type of cable tie you should use.

Cam buckle belt vs ratchet strap

The strength difference between ratchet belt and cam buckle belt

In order to compare and contrast the entire category rather than a single belt, we will compare the minimum and maximum values ​​of breaking strength and working load limit in each category. Generally, this allows you to better understand the strength of ratchet belts and cam buckle belts. If you have any questions about breaking strength or working load limit, please feel free to contact us at 800-483-2189, our experts will be happy to answer any questions for you!

Ratchet straps-Our ratchet straps, also called ratchet straps, vary in size from 1 inch to 4 inches. Each material is made of durable polyester webbing designed to resist these elements. Our 1-inch ratchet belt webbing has a breaking strength of 3,000 pounds. Depending on the hardware accessories, the working load limit is 500-1100 pounds. These ratchet belts are mainly used to secure small vehicles such as ATVs and motorcycles.

Our 4-inch ratchet belt webbing has a breaking strength of 20,000 pounds and a working load limit of 5,400-5,670 pounds. These are the strongest belts on the market and are used to secure cargo and are usually used to secure heavy machinery.

Cam buckle straps-Our cam buckle straps, also called cam buckle straps, are only available in 1 inch and 2 inches wide. They are made of the same polyester fiber as our ratchet belts. The breaking strength of 1 inch Cam Buckle webbing ranges from 1,500 to 6,600 pounds. Due to the Cam Buckle hardware, its working load limit is as high as 500 pounds.

Depending on the hardware combination you decide to use, our 2-inch cam buckle has a webbing breaking strength of 6,000 pounds and a working load limit of 833 to 915 pounds.

When using any type of tightening belt, it is important to understand the working load limit. These restrictions are set by the Department of Transportation for the safety of you and the people around you. All of our lashing straps have clearly marked labels, which contain the working load limit, otherwise, you and your goods may be seriously damaged.

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